Final Review: You are my Spring (tvN, 2021)

Summary of the show with major spoilers:

Kang Da-jeong (Seo Hyun-jin) grew up with an abusive father who would often beat up her mother Mun Mi-ran (Oh Hyun-kyung), whom managed to leave her husband to raise Da-jeong and her son Kang Tae-jung (Kang Hoon) on her own. However, Da-jeong kept encountering bad relationships as she grew up. She then moved in to the rooftop of the building owed by her good friend’s father and met psychiatrist Joo Yeong-do (Kim Dong-wook) whose clinic was below Da-jeong’s unit. A death case had occurred previously at unit now occupied by Yeong-do’s unit, which Yeong-do had been helping the police in their investigation. Chae-joon (Yoon Park) was wooing Da-jeong, and Da-jeong eventually got touched by Chae Joon’s sincerity despite Da-jeong’s rejections repeatedly.

When Da-jeong was going to accept Chae Joon, she received the shocking news that Chae Joon committed suicide after admitting he was the murderer behind several death cases. Da-jeong became traumatized by the news, but was lucky to have Yeong-do to accompany her whenever she needed comfort. The 2 friends grew closer together, even sharing their inner fears and secrets, fulfilling each other’s wishes together. Yeong-do was once married to actress Ahn Ga-yeong (Nam Gyu-ri), whom Yeong-do married to treat her psychological illness. Ga-yeong was pursued by an idol Patrick/Ryu seok-jun (Park Sang-nam) who was much younger than her, so she went on secret dates sometimes with the help of Da-jeong and Yeong-do. Although Ga-yeong liked Patrick, she was still afraid to enter a serious relationship, until Patrick was willing to risk his career to look for her at the hospital when she got injured during filming.

Dr. Ian Chase (Yoon Park), a surgeon from US, appeared at the hotel that Da-jeong was working at, much to her surprise when she was finally getting over the death of Chae Joon, as Ian looked identical to Chae Joon. Ian would become hostile when people observed him closely, as if condemning him due to another person looking alike to him. Yeong-do and the police detective he was working with were both suspicious of Ian and his intention. One police officer was stabbed while monitoring Ian’s movement.

It was later revealed that Ian was actually at twin brother of Chae Joon who was adopted to US when they were younger. The twin brothers met Da-jeong at the church on the day that Ian was adopted, with both treating Da-jeong very differently during their respective encounters, showing a difference in their personalities. Ian returned to South Korea to look for Chae Joon when they were 17 years old, only to find Chae Joon to be abused by his foster parents. Ian paid Hwang Jae-sik (Park Ki-duk) to kill Chae Joon’s foster parents, and made Chae Joon became a shadow of him, often taking care of all the troubles encountered by Chae Joon. Hwang Jae-sik was the real murderer, and had threatened Chae Joon to harm Da-jeong if Chae Joon did obey his order. Chae Joon decided to resolve his problem by himself this time, and in order to protect Da-jeong, he chose to end his life. Ian was touched by Da-jeong’s and Yeong-do’s sincerity in believing that he could made amendments. Yeong-do had heart transplant years ago, but his health suddenly got worse due to his heavy workload. Although Da-jeong and Yeong-do were briefly separated, they decided to remain by each other’s side while Yeong-do promised to take better care of his body and to reduce his workloads.

Comments: I was initially attracted to this drama because of the 2 lead actors, but was already disappointed in the drama by the second week. There was not much plot development over the 16 episodes, mainly on just who Ian Chase was and how was he connected to Chae Joon, as well as how Da-jeong and Yeong-do healed each other as the show’s OTP. There were many supporting characters at the building that Da-jeong was staying at, but the backstories of these supporting characters were either briefly mentioned or not talked about at all. I really didn’t understand what was the need for so many characters if the writer was not planning to introduce them to us. In addition, the “investigation” to Ian’s identity and intentions took too long to be revealed. I do not know if it is necessary to have another character to be the real murderer, although Ian was still indirectly involved, as compared to Ian to be being the murderer. Nevertheless, the drama was still rather boring to watch in overall with slow plot progress and little or no backstory of the many supporting characters. Sorry, I can’t recommend this drama to anyone although I like the actors Seo Hyun-jin and Kim Dong-wook.

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