Variety Show Review: Lending You My House on Wheels (tvN, 2021)

I am not sure if anyone else will be interested in staying at Sung Dong-il and co.’s House on Wheels, but the cast of the movie Pirates 2 certainly enjoyed their stay there. The members who stayed at the house included Han Hyo-joo, Kang Ha-neul, Lee Kwang-soo, Park Ji-hwan, Kim Sung-oh, Chae Soo-bin, Exo’s Sehun, Kim Ki-doo and finally the eldest among the cast Kwon Sang-woo. This 3-episode House on Wheels spin-off was packed with fun and hilarious moments with members of varying degree of experience in variety shows.

Han Hyo-joo, Kang Ha-neul and Lee Kwang-soo were the first batch to arrive at the house, and Han Hyo-joo and Lee Kwang-soo displayed different aspects of obsession. While Han Hyo-joo was obsessed with getting the shrimp paste at the supermarket later, Lee Kwang-soo displayed strong desire to always be doing something for the filming due to having to run for 11 years on Running Man. Han Hyo-joo and Kang Ha-neul were deeply amused with Lee Kwang-soo’s desire, and forced him to take a break on this show instead (well, the theme of this show is supposed to be healing right?).

Sung Dong-il actually left his phone number in the house, in case the Pirates 2 cast needed help, but Sung Dong-il also emphasized that the cast should only call him as the last resort. Lee Kwang-soo and Kang Ha-neul had much difficulty in setting up the shelter in front of the house, and had to call Sung Song-il for help. Despite Sung Dong-il describing accurately how to install the shelter, the 2 (Babo?) brothers actually tried setting up the poles at a certain angle instead of tying the rope to the pole at an angle to secure the poles. The outcome? Lee Kwang-soo, Kang Ha-neul and Han Hyo-joo were all busy holding on to the poles so that the shelter remained “stable”. Thankfully, Park Ji-hwan arrived in time with Kim Sung-oh to help them and Park Ji-hwan was very experienced in camping. The five of them then left to play at a nearby stream after lunch, while the rest of the cast arrived at the house.

Exo’s Sehun offered to cook kimchi jjigae with pork for dinner, while Kim Ki-doo suggested making tteokbokki as well in case the food was not enough for the 9 of them. Sehun’s kimchi jjigae looked delicious thanks to his mother’s kimchi.  Kwon Sang-woo took over the making of tteokbokki, as he used to be assistant instructor in the army, but added too much water to the pot of tteokbokki. As a result, the tteokbokki became tasteless, and Kwon Sang-woo had to add much seasonings to save the tteokbokki. It was said that he used up all the sugar at the house to make the tteokbokki. The 5 actors playing at the stream missed calls from Kwon Sang-woo, and decided to let Han Hyo-joo feigned injury so that Kwon Sang-woo would not reprimand them for playing at the stream while the rest were busy preparing dinner.

After the dinner, they decided to play the liar game, such that the loser(s) would have to wash the dishes. But when Kim Sung-oh left for a moment to visit the bathroom, the rest of them decided to prank on Kim Sung-oh such that he would definitely lose the game. Fortunately(?), Kwon Sang-woo decided it would be fairer to “get” the losers through game of scissors, paper, stone. Chae Soo-bin, Lee Kwang-soo and Kim Sung-oh lost in their respective group, so they played another round to eliminate another from the dishwashing duty. However, Lee Kwang-soo and Kim Sung-oh decided to have another game such that only one would be punished with washing the dishes. Ended up, it was still Kim Sung-oh tasked with washing the dishes. As the rest of the cast were embarrassed for only Kim Sung-oh to clean up the dinner mess, everyone helped out in the cleaning.

Just before the bedtime, the members had soccer tennis game. As I had a deep impression of Chae Soo-bin’s girl crush role in The Strongest Deliveryman, I was kind of surprised that she had no idea what was soccer tennis game, and even had trouble hitting the ball with her hands. On the other hand, Han Hyo-joo was quite athletic in the game, helping her team to win the game. I was wondering how the house on wheels would be able to house all 9 members, as the members also did not setup any tent. My question was answered when it was revealed that Chae Soo-bin, Sehun, Park Ji-hwan and Kim Sung-oh would not be staying overnight, so the rest of the 5 members were able to sleep in the house.

It was revealed to be Kwon Sang-woo’s birthday the next morning, so Han Hyo-joo and Lee Kwang-soo had brought ingredient to make seaweed soup for him. However, Kwon Sang-woo wanted to have ramyeon for breakfast, so Kang Ha-neul volunteered to make ramyeon as he was confident of making good ramyeon. In the end, Kang Ha-neul and Lee Kwang-soo decided to have a showdown in making ramyeon when Lee Kwang-soo offered to make seaweed ramyeon. Lee Kwang-soo did win the contest with 2 votes (out of 3 judges) as his seaweed ramyeon was just nice to have for breakfast, but everyone was much impressed with Kang Ha-neul’s ramyeon which had the fire taste (he used larger fire to boil the ramyeon soup before adding the noodles).

With the end of this spin-off, I guess fans of House on Wheels would be forward to Season 3 with a new maknae Gong Myung in the coming week!

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