Final Review: Police University

Despite it getting a little maudlin at the end, Police generally still score a B or B+ in terms of watchability. I enjoyed the earlier parts of the narrative immensely, when Dong-man and Sun-ho learn from each other and learn to trust each other. The budding camaraderie between the police recruits are fun to watch too.

We had the unlikely pairing of suave (or think he is suave) Joon-wook with the bumbling Bum-tae. And their frenemy relationship with regards to the pursuit of their crush, Eon-joo (this doll-like officer, who packs a punch and can shoot like nobody’s business). The irony is, despite Joon-wook’s good look and smooth talking, Eon-joo ends up choosing the tongue-tied Bum-tae over him. Well, tbf, he is also commendable for being a gracious runner-up, and bowed out of the competition when he realised Eon-joo’s preference.

I also immensely enjoyed the professors’ relationship with the rookies, especially strait-laced Prof Kwon, who teaches criminal law. He is a stickler for splitting already fine hair, and finds it amusing (to himself) to carry out impromptu quizzes on his students to test their understanding of very similar legislation. You can imagine the panic when Bum-tae/ Joon-wook ended up having to work with him for Dong-man’s investigation. The poor guys were literally having ants in their pants when their answers to Prof Kwon’s quizzes conflict each other. Although because of this episode, the three of them actually got closer and Bum-tae/Joon-wook were impressed not only with Prof Kwon’s knowledge but the flexibility on which he applied them.

Unfortunately, when the true “ringleader” of the online gambling syndicate was revealed, Police got rather didactic. Prof Seo, who is the HOD of the teaching dept in the university, turned out to be our mastermind. Although his intention for the illicit funds obtained through the gambling website is good (he used them to fund the factories producing bullet proof vests, and protective gear for the officers), Police had to keep reminding us that the means he used to obtain the funds are “not good”.

So we have the repeated message of “whatever the intended objective of a crime, a crime is still a crime”. So the person who broke the law must face the music. And Police reinforces this message by having Sun-ho reprising his role as a hacker at the ending. Only this time, he hacked all the online gambling sites in Korea and effectively nullified them. Even though this was a “good deed” in some way, he gave himself up to the police (but without enough evidence, they can’t convict him).

All in all, Police ends on a highly positive note, with all our criminals captured and paying their due penance for their misdeeds. And Sun-ho getting his enlistment to Police University without the cloud of misgivings over his illicit hacking background over him.

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