First Impression of Variety Show: We Won’t Hurt You (tvN, 2021)

The latest variety show from tvN had the 3 villains from Penthouse as their regular member, including Uhm Ki-joon (as Joo Dan-tae in Penthouse), Bong Tae-gyu (as Lee Kyu-jin in Penthouse) and Yoon Jong-hoon (as Ha Yoon-cheol in Penthouse). It was pretty funny that the 3 brothers thought that they would be filming a healing variety show near the seaside after their filming Penthouse for 1.5 years, and even told the production team that the trio could conquer anything and anywhere as long as the 3 of them were together. To their horror, the production team only provided them with a house abandoned for 8 years. Although some tools and water were still available, the 3 brothers had to repair the outdoor wooden platform (pyeong-sang), replace the vinyl sheet for flooring and paper for the doors, as well as weeding their front yard on top of having to clean the whole house to become habitable. The cast really had a hard time trying to clean up and repair the house. I was quite amused whenever the captions reminded us that the ex-chaebols had to live thriftily in the rural areas now.  I was actually wondering if the 3 brothers were actually being punished for their villain roles in Penthouse!

It was previewed that other Penthouse’s co-stars were be guesting at the abandoned house in coming episodes, with Joo Dan-tae’s family (Lee Ji-ah, Kim Young-dae and Han Ji-hyun) as the first batch of guests. Unfortunately, as the guests had to chip in to improve the living conditions of the abandoned house. I guess this house would be the one of the worst that the variety show cast had to stay in from the many shows that I had watched previously.

And yes! I will be continuing to watch this variety show as I am really curious about the transformation of this abandoned house at the end of this series.

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