Yumi’s cells: Inside Out

For the sake of those cutesy little “cells”, I hope Yu-mi and Koo Woong have a happy ending. When I first started on Yumi, I felt a bit of disorientation. Cos I was sitting there wondering why in the world am I watching a show that is somewhat similar to my 5yo preschooler’s cartoons? Even my hubby, when he peeked over, did ask me why I am “regressing” to watching animation. Haha

But as the episodes trundle along, I find myself getting more involved with the cartoony parts of Yumi. It’s a refreshing (although needs some getting used to) take on the usual run of the mill romantic comedy. And instead of the typical internal soliloquy of the leads, we actually kinda see how their “minds” work.

Although to call the internal workings as “cells”, is biologically incorrect. For one, I doubt we have a “Greedy Cell” or a “Tradition Cell”. We cannot map those blue smurf-like characters (or even that dragon) to actual biological representations. Rather, they will make more “sense” if we view them as the conscious/ subconscious entities in Yu-mi/ Woong’s mind.

Regardless of how you want to rationalise Yumi, one thing for sure is you will find yourself rooting for those little blue things. I find myself actually looking forward to seeing them on screen than the human actors, though their actions definitely affect their human “host”. The most hilarious example would be where Woong had a really bad tummy ache during his first visit to Yu-mi’s home on her birthday. While it is already funny watching Woong trying to “hold it in”, and later having to clear a really stuck toilet, the scene is made doubly funny when we “see” the internal workings of Woong’s mind vis-a-vis his cells. We have the large intestines/ colon cells putting on a loud announcement that they need to “expel” (and their glee at being “put to work”), and then poor Logical Cell was trying his best to stop them cos the “situation is inappropriate” (and of course, he failed).

If I were to pick a favourite among the cells, it’d be Yu-mi’s pants-less Sexy Cell and Woong’s Dragon (chained for obvious reasons). These two are the funniest, but also, the most active potentially in any romantic relationship (cos yeah, they represent the need for physical intimacy). Next in line will be the all-suffering “Logical Cell(s)”, who are the de facto “village head” in Yu-mi/ Woong’s cells village.

While Yu-mi/ Woong’s cell villages are by far very entertaining, I also kinda wish to see the internal workings of the love rivals — especially Sae-yi. Cos as of ep7 (where I am at now), all we could do is read between the lines (or her actions) in her conversations with Woong/ Yu-mi. But one thing for sure is, she has the hots for Woong (but probably didn’t want to confess cos of their long friendship) and is jealous of Yu-mi.

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