First Impression of Variety Show – 3 Meals a Day: Doctors (tvN, 2021)

The drama cast used to be treated to an overseas trip upon completion of a successful drama, but as overseas trips are difficult to arrange these days, it seemed trendy to treat the drama cast to a healing trip to the countryside cum filming for a variety show. A new “healing” variety show with the cast for Penthouse premiered several weeks ago, while Na PD also launched a spin-off of his well-known series 3 Meals a Day with the cast of Hospital Playlist.

The main cast of Hospital Playlist Jo Jung-seok, Jeon Mi-do, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung and Yoo Yeon-seok (known as the 99s) were “kidnapped” to Jeongseon-gun in Gangwon Province, where they would have a prepare 3 meals a day at a mountain village. Yoo Yeon-seok could not join the 99s for the first 2 days due to his other filming schedules, but the rest of the cast were quick to adapt to living at the countryside, each assuming different positions automatically. For instance, Jo Jung-seok and Kim Dae-myung would be in charge of fire for stove 1 and 2 respectively. Similar to her role in the drama, Jeon Mi-do would help in assigning specific tasks, such as how much of each ingredients to add in sequence, to the men. Jung Kyung-ho was either the kitchen assistant to Mi-do or the main chef, and similar to his role in Hospital Playlist, he really ate quite a lot when he was hungry. Yoo Yeon-seok was previewed to be the carpenter among the cast, even making a chair for Jung Kyung-ho to sit and admire the scenery from their house.

From the behind the scene videos of Hospital Playlist of both seasons, it was evident that the both the main and supporting cast had good and fun relationships with each other. Therefore, I was pretty excited to see other Hospital Playlist cast guesting on this variety show. The first guest was Shin Hyun-been who played Yoo Yeon-seok’s love interest in Hospital Playlist, but unfortunately we could only see the Wintergarden couple reunite on the 3rd day of the filming when Yoo Yeon-seok wrapped up his other filming schedule. If I am not wrong, this show would be Shin Hyun-been’s first appearance on a variety show, which made me look forward to her appearance as a rare guest (plus I am a fan of the Wintergarden couple). Furthermore, it was previewed that Shin Hyun-been would become a rare guest rival to Na PD! Another guest I am looking forward to would be Kim Hae-sook, who played Yoo Yeon-seok’s mother in the drama, and the dishes she would make for the kids cast. Being a fan of Hospital Playlist, I will continue watching this spin-off of 3 Meals a Day as a comfort to the conclusion of Hospital Playlist Season 2 (and could be the last season since there was no concrete plan for season 3).

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