Movie Review: Space Sweepers (2021)

Story summary with spoilers:

Story happened when the earth was no longer habitable due to severe pollution and large amount of space trash also threatened people on earth. UTS corporation had the technology to allow plants to grow on Mars, creating environments similar to that of earth. However, the new home was only available to selected few who became UTS citizens, while non-citizens continued to live on earth breathing in the polluted air. Many of the non-citizens worked as space sweepers to remove the space trash and sold the trash to the company factory. There was a spaceship called Victory comprising of the crew members Captain Jang (Kim Tae-ri), Kim Tae-ho (Song Joong-ki), Tiger Park (Jin Seon-kyu) and an android called Bubs (voice by Yoo Hae-jin, later Kim Hyang-gi). Tae-ho was trying to raise money to pay for the search of his daughter Su-ni (Oh Ji-yul) who was lost in space before the deadline. Once the deadline was over, the probability of finding Su-ni in the outer space would be almost 0. Bubs the android was also saving up money to have skin transplant so that he would be human-like.

Victory’s crew encountered a girl named Dorothy (Park Ye-rin), who was reported to be a dangerous robot capable of mass destruction. Dorothy was said to be created by a terrorist group called Black Fox. Dorothy carried a smartphone with several missed calls from a person named Kang Hyeon-u (Kim Mu-yeol). Victory’s crew then called Kim Hyeon-u to asked for ransom, assuming that Hyeon-u was with the Black Fox, only to meet with a massacre staged by the UTS soldiers. It was later found that Dorothy was actually a human child instead of a robot as claimed in the news. Her father Hyeon-u had injected her with nanobots to save her from her congenital disease, which empowered her a unique power to communicate with all other nanobots in space to heal and protect. The ability for plants to grow on Mars was created by Dorothy, rather than being a technology developed UTS Corporation. However, this also implied that Dorothy could help in reviving the earth to make it habitable again. The leader of UTS Corporation James Sullivan (Richard Armitage) wanted to kill Dorothy with a hydrogen bomb (as nanobots can only be destroyed under very high temperature), so that Mars would remain the only habitable place for UTS Corporation to be in absolute control of. The impact from the hydrogen bomb would also cause earth to be destroyed. Victory’s crew then arranged for Dorothy to be rescued by other space sweepers while they brought the hydrogen bomb 5000km away to keep Dorothy safe from the bomb explosion. The crew thought they would die from the explosion, only to find that Dorothy managed to protect them against the hydrogen bomb, while Sullivan did not survive the explosion. UTS Corporation then apologized for their cover-ups and promised to help in making the earth habitable again.


Overall, I find this movie quite entertaining with the humour, actions and nice computer graphics of the outer space although the story was quite cliché. I was more impressed by the Kim Tae-ri as Captain Jang (kind of reminded me of her marksman role in Mr. Sunshine) and Jin Seon-kyu as Tiger Park (who was both muscular and funny), although Song Joong-ki as Tae-ho should be the more important character in this movie. Nevertheless, this movie is definitely recommended if you like to watch something to pass time.

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