Final Review: Hometown Cha-cha-cha

Hometown started off as your typical rom-com. City Girl ends up as a fish out of water in a small rural town and meets Country Boy. However, the show eventually evolved (or devolved?) into a sort of long drawn advertisement of sorts. With the “PPL” being Gongjin City (or any rural small town).

We have (imo) cringe worthy scenes of the townsfolk gathering around the OTP in some sort of tribal celebration when they learn Du-sik/ Hye-jin are officially a pair. Then there’s the occasional singing, the over dosing on the warmth and generosity of the three halmonies, the overly saccharine sweetness of the OTP love relationship. The scene that stuck in my mind is that of Du-sik and Hye-jin cleaning the yard and literally having this PPL-moment of water from a hose spraying in this picture perfect moment while they…canoodle with their perfect, dimply smiles. I almost expect the scene to end with the usual ad blast of a product they are selling.

The sunshine vibe is smeared slightly though with the breaking news of Kim Sun-ho’s scandal with his ex and her claims that he isn’t the Mr Nice Guy portrayed in Hometown. In summary, Kim Sun-ho’s ex-girlfriend asserts that he is a habitual liar and a pro at gaslighting, eventually forcing her to an abortion when he learnt she was pregnant. Totally polar from the Good-boy image of Hong Du-sik in Hometown. A character that is all goodness-trueness so much so that he blamed himself for causing the death of a close friend and the attempted suicide of an acquaintance. When both incidents are really accidents.

Even Mr Second Male Lead is too good to be true. Seong-hyeon is this super duper sweet yet sensible long time admirer of Hye-jin (some girls just have all the luck). Even after getting a second rejection from Hye-jin, he takes it in his stride and not only gives her his blessings but becomes firm friends with her beau, Du-sik.

Generally, this Happy-Ever-After ending is dished out to nearly every character in Hometown. Divorced couple, Hwa-jeong/ Yeong-guk reunites, with the latter realising his foot in mouth moment was the reason why his (ex) wife divorced him. And of course, Mi-seon with Mr Clueless Police Officer, Eun-cheol, where despite Mi-seon being the older of the two, is less sensible than Eun-cheol. Good for her, since she is the more scatterbrained and flighty of the two.

If there’s any surprises in Hometown, it’d be Teacher Cho-hui’s out-of-closet moment about her sexual inclination. While it is quite clear she isn’t interested in Yeong-guk romantically, the reason for it is surprising. Cos her interest lies elsewhere — she has a crush on Hwa-jeong. In line with Hometown “wholesomeness”, Hwa-jeong not only accepts Cho-hui’s delayed confession, but tells her she is aware of her sexuality years ago.

Definitely a show where I’d recommend watching if you feel you need a positive uplifting.

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  1. Maybe we were forgetting that Du-sik is a fictional character, and the scandal was the reality check we needed. as always i enjoyed this post.

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