A list of lists!

For easier navigation, here’s the list of recaps/reviews that we’ve done so far. More will be added as we blog away! If the drama titles are clickable, it means we’ve done an overview for the drama =)


100 Days My Prince

1% of Anything

  • sab’s Comments #1

20 Century Boys and Girls

About Time


Age of Feelings

All About My Romance

Angel Eyes

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Angry Mom

Answer Me 1988

Answer Me 1994


Arthdal Chronicles


Bad Detective

Bad Guys

Bad Guys: Vile City

Baek-hee has Returned

Beautiful Gong Shim

Beautiful World

Beauty Inside

Because It’s the First Time

Because This Life Is Our First

Bel Ami

Big Issue

Birth of a Beauty


Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me


Bride of the Century

Bride of the Water God 2017

  • sab’s Comments #1|#2

Bring It On Ghost

Buam-dong Avengers Club


Can Love Be Given Away

Case 113

Cantabile Tomorrow

Can We Love?

Cheese in the Trap

Chicago Typewriter

Chief Kim

Chief of Staff/Aide

Childless Comfort

Children of a Lesser God

Children of Nobody/Red Moon, Blue Sun

Cinderella and her Four Knights

Class of Lies

Clean with Passion for Now


Criminal Minds


Dad I’ll Take Care of You

Dae Jang Geum is Watching

Dazzling/The Light in Your Eyes

Dear Judge/Your Honor

Dear My Friends

Descendants of the Sun

Detective Cheo Young

Detective Cheo Young 2

Different Dreams

Discovery of Romance

Divorce Lawyers in Love


Doctor Detective

Doctor John

Doctor Prisoner

Doctor Stranger

Doubtful Victory/Mysterious Il-Seung

Dr. Frost

Drama Festival (MBC)

Drama Special (KBS)

Drama Special (tvN)

Drinking Solo

Eccentric Daughter-in-law

Emergency Couple

Empire of Gold

Empress Ki


Ex-girlfriend Club

Fairy and the Woodcutter/Tale of Gyeryong Fairy


Familiar Wife/The Wife I Know


Fantasy Tower

  • Episode 5 (only the part with Song Jae Rim)

Farming Academy

Fated to Love You

Fight My Way

First Kiss for the Seventh Time

Fluttering Alert


Go Back Couple


God’s Quiz 1

God’s Quiz 2

God’s Quiz 3

God’s Quiz 4

God’s Quiz – Reboot

God of Trade – Innkeeper 2015

Goddess of Marriage

Golden Cross

Goodbye to Goodbye

Good Doctor

Greasy Melo

Grand Prince

Grandpa Over Flowers Investigation Team

Gu Family Book


Happy To Die

He is Psychometric/That Psychometric Guy


Heard it Through the Grapevine

Heart Surgeons/One Heart Two Lives

Heart to Heart

Heirs – He Who Bears the Crown, Withstand its Weight

Her Private Life

Hidden: Hidden Identity

High School: Love On

High School King of Savvy

High Society

Ho Gu’s Love

Hotel Del Luna

Hotel King

Hundred Million Stars from the Sky/The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Hwajeong/Splendid Politics


Hwayugi/A Korean Odyssey

I Have A Lover

I Hear Your Voice

I Miss You (finale only)

I Remember You

I’m Not A Robot

Imaginary Cat

Individualist Miss Ji Young

Introverted Boss

Investigation Couple

Investigation Couple 2

Iron Man/Blade Man


It’s Okay, It’s Love


Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

Jang Yeong Shil

Jealousy Incarnate

Jekyll, Hyde and Me

Jeong Do Jeon


Joseon Gunman/Joseon Shooter

Joseon Survival

Just Between Lovers


Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill It

Kingdom Season 1

King’s Family

Laughter in Waikiki/Woohoo Waikiki

Laughter in Waikiki/Woohoo Waikiki 2

Laurel Tree Tailors

Lawless Lawyer

Legal High

Legend of the Blue Sea

Let’s Eat

Let’s Eat 2

Let’s Eat 3

Liar Game


Life on Mars

Lingerie Girls 1979


Live Up to Your Name

Liver or Die/What’s Wrong Mr Poong Sang


Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Lovely Horribly

Lucky Romance

Mad Dog

Madame Antoine


Man Who Dies to Live

Man Who Sets The Table/Man in the Kitchen

Mandate of Heaven


Marriage Contract

Marriage Not Dating


Masked Prosecutor

Master: God of Noodles

Matrimonial Chaos/The Best Divorce


Memories of the Alhambra


Midnight Diner/Late Night Restaurant

Mirae’s Choice

Mirror of the Witch


Miss Korea

Missing: Noir M


Money Flower


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Moon Lovers: Scarlett Heart: Ryeo

Moorim School


Mother of Mine

Mr Back

Mr Sunshine

Mrs Cop

Mrs Cop 2

Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi

My Absolute Boyfriend

My Beautiful Bride

My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol

My Fellow Citizens

My Husband Oh Jak-doo

My Little Baby

My Only Love Song

My Sassy Girl

My Secret Hotel

My Secret Romance

My Spring Days/The Spring Days of My Life

My Strange Hero/Bok-soo is Back

Naked Fireman

Neighborhood Hero

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho

Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho 2

Nokdu Flower

Nothing to Lose

Oh Hae Young Again

Oh My Geum-bi

Oh My Ghostess/Oh My Ghost

Oh My Venus

One More Happy Ending

One Spring Night

One Warm Word

  • Episode 1|2

Orange Marmalade

Our Gab-soon

Page Turner


Pied Piper

Plus Nine Boys

Pluto Secret Society


Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food/Something in the Rain

Pride and Prejudice


Prime Minister and I



Queen of Flowers

Queen of Mystery

Radio Romance

Reach of Sincerity/Touch Your Heart

Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

Records of the Night Watchman

Remember: Son’s War



Reunited Worlds

Revolutionary Love

Rich Man Poor Woman

Romance is a Bonus Book

Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim

Rookie Historian Gu Hae-ryung

Room No 9

Rosy Lovers

Ruby Ruby Love

Ruler: Master of the Mask

Saimdang: Light’s Diary

Sassy Go Go

Save Me 2

Scholar Who Walks the Night

Search: WWW

Second to Last Love

Secret Door

Secret Forest/Stranger

Secret Love – Kara

Seven Days Queen

Shall We Live Together

Shall We Kiss First

She Was Pretty

Shopping King Louis



Six Flying Dragons


SKY Castle

Sly and Single Again (Cunning Single Lady)

Smart Prison Living/Prison Playbook

Solomon’s Perjury

Special Labor Inspector Jo Jang Poong

Splish Splash Love

Spring Turns to Spring

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Surplus Princess

Suspicious Partner

Sweet Savage Family

Switch: Change the World

Sword and Petal


Spy Myung Wol

Superdaddy Yeol

Tale of a Good Witch

Temperature of Love


Ten 2

  • Episode 1|2|3

Terrius Behind Me/My Secret Terrius/My Sweet Terrius

That Man Oh Soo

The Banker

The Defendant

The Fiery Priest

The Flower in Prison

The Ghost Detective

The Girl Who Sees Smells/Sensory Couple

The Good Wife

The Guest

The Hymn of Death

The K2

The King’s Face

The Lover

The Man Living in Our House

The Man Who Become King/The Crowned Clown

The Master’s Sun

The Miracle that We Met

The Player

The Secret Life of My Secretary

The Third Charm

The Time I Loved You

The Weird Father/Father is Weird

Thirty But Seventeen

Three Days (3 Days)

Three Musketeers (Season 1)

Thrice Married Woman

Tomorrow With You

Top Star Yoo Baek



Twenty Again

Two Cops

Two Weeks

Ugly Alert

Uncontrollably Fond

Unit 38/38 Task Force

Unkind Ladies


Valid Love

Vampire Detective

Village: Secret of Achiara


Voice 2

Voice 3



Warm and Cozy


Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

What Happens to My Family/What’s With This Family

Where Stars Land/Fox Bride Star

While You Were Sleeping


Who Are You

Who Are You: School 2015

Witch’s Court

Witch’s Love

Witch’s Romance

Yes, That’s How It Is


Yoona’s Street

You’re All Surrounded

You From Another Star

You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly

Your House Helper


Along with the Gods 1

Along with the Gods 2 – 49 Days


Beauty Inside


Catch Me (Steal My Heart)

Canola/Grandma Hye-choon

Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead

Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow

Detective K: The Laborer’s Daughter/Secret of the Lost Island

Fabricated City

Five Million Dollar Man (A Millionaire on the Run)

Gift of Room 7

Gundo: Age of the Rampant

Haemoo/Sea Fog

Hit-and-run Squad

I Am King

Kim Seon Dal

Life Risking Romance

Love Forecast/Today’s Love

Midnight Runners

Miss Granny

My Pavarotti

No Breathing

Ode to My Father

Phantom Detective


Roaring Currents

Rockin’ on Heaven’s Door


Running Man

Salut D’Amour

Secretly, Greatly

Temperature of Love

The Attorney

The Cat Funeral

The Dude in Me

The Face Reader

The Fatal Encounter (King’s Wrath)

The Huntresses

The King’s Case Note

The Mood That Day

The Pirates

The Plan Man

The Princess and the Matchmaker

The Silenced/Kyeongseong High School: Missing Girls

The Sound of Flower

The Spy (Mr K)

The Tailors/The Royal Tailors

The Technicians

The Terror Live

Time Renegades


We’re Brothers

Whistle Blower

With or Without You

Year in Review








Beating Hearts

Coffee Friends

Grandpas over Flowers: Greece Version

  • Highlights Ep 1

Home Food Rescue

Home Food Rescue 3

Kang’s Kitchen

Korean Hostel in Spain

Little Cabin in the Woods

New Journey to the West

New Journey to the West 2

New Journey to the West 3

New Journey to the West 4

Off to School (with Sohn Ho-joon)

Three Meals A Day

Three Meals A Day: Season 2

Highlights Ep 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17|18

Three Meals A Day: Fishing Village Edition

Three Meals A Day: Fishing Village Edition Season 2

Three Meals A Day: Gochang Village

Three Meals A Day: Fishing Village Edition Season 3

  • Highlights Ep 1|2|3|4|5

Three Meals A Day: Seaside Ranch

  • Highlights Ep 1

We Got Married: Global Edition

  • Part 1|2

Why You should watch Grandpa over Flowers/Noona over Flowers

You Quiz on the Block

Youn’s Kitchen 2

Youth Over Flowers: The Ahjusshis’ Version

Youth Over Flowers: Laos Version

Youth Over Flower: Iceland Version

Youth Over Flower: Africa Version

Youth Over Flower : Western Australia Version

Filming Locations

Cherish Museum

Enter-6 Shopping Mall

Yoona’s House

KOFIC Namyangju Studios

The Botanical Garden BCJ

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  1. no puedes buscar las locaciones del drama pasta el restaurant y el cruce peatonal donde ocurrio todo

      1. Araceli s saying that the link for pasta is missing and another drama (golden cross – i believe) has missing links

        kooriyuki: thanks for the comment! There’s no missing link for Golden Cross.

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