Jirisan: Of mountains, the supernatural and murders

Again, I must say it is a stroke of genius to use Jirisan as the backdrop to Jirisan. Not only do we have visually stunning Nat Geo-like views on our screens, but it also provides the necessary link to tie the mystery and the fantasy genres together. Usually these two genres are opposites of each... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Inspector Koo

Inspector gives me the shivers — good ones. Cos I have a strong prediction this show is another gem. Main Cast: Lee Young-ae (from Jewel in the Palace) as Inspector Koo Kyung-yi. She used to be a police officer and quit (or lost?) her job after her husband’s death (where it was rumoured also that... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Jirisan

I half expect zombies to come charging out…there are just too many familiar faces. Main characters: Gianna Jun (from Kingdom) as Ranger Seo Yi-gang. Despite being the female in an almost-all male work environment, she is fearless and earns the nickname of Demon Seo by her colleagues for her determination to save lives trapped in... Continue Reading →

Yumi’s Cells: Aww shucks

kooriyuki preempted that Yumi would likely have a Season 2, since the webtoon did not end with Woong as Yumi’s husband. And judging by eps11/12, yes, the couple is progressing to a break up. Based on my reading of Yumi’s Cells online blurb, the eventual husband in the webtoon is the editor in Yu-mi’s new... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Hometown Cha-cha-cha

Hometown started off as your typical rom-com. City Girl ends up as a fish out of water in a small rural town and meets Country Boy. However, the show eventually evolved (or devolved?) into a sort of long drawn advertisement of sorts. With the “PPL” being Gongjin City (or any rural small town). We have... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Space Sweepers (2021)

Story summary with spoilers: Story happened when the earth was no longer habitable due to severe pollution and large amount of space trash also threatened people on earth. UTS corporation had the technology to allow plants to grow on Mars, creating environments similar to that of earth. However, the new home was only available to... Continue Reading →

Yumi’s cells: Inside Out

For the sake of those cutesy little “cells”, I hope Yu-mi and Koo Woong have a happy ending. When I first started on Yumi, I felt a bit of disorientation. Cos I was sitting there wondering why in the world am I watching a show that is somewhat similar to my 5yo preschooler’s cartoons? Even... Continue Reading →

Review: Blue Birthday (Naver TV, 2021)

Storyline with major spoilers: Oh Ha-rin (Yeri) did not like celebrate her birthday since her high school crush Ji Seo-joon (Yang Hong-seok) died mysteriously on her birthday 10 years ago. They had agreed to meet at the photography club on her birthday, but Seo-joon was found dead there with his wrist cut, presuming to have... Continue Reading →

Review: Great Shaman Ga Doo-shim

Not sure if it is due to Netflix’s influence, but I have been seeing an increase of short (i.e. less than the usual 16eps) Kdramas on air. Granted, Shaman is on a smaller internet TV channel, so it probably does not have the production capital of larger, and traditional TV stations such as KBS and... Continue Reading →

Drama Review – You Raise Me Up (Wavve, 2021)

I thought this would be a pure rom-com so I was actually surprised at the eventual message about social stigmas (no, it's not about erectile dysfunction). Show is short and sweet at eight episodes, and we follow the changes Do Young-shik (Yoon Shi-yoon) went through to regain his self-confidence, after years of subconscious self-loathing and... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Police University

Despite it getting a little maudlin at the end, Police generally still score a B or B+ in terms of watchability. I enjoyed the earlier parts of the narrative immensely, when Dong-man and Sun-ho learn from each other and learn to trust each other. The budding camaraderie between the police recruits are fun to watch... Continue Reading →

Final Review: You are my Spring (tvN, 2021)

Summary of the show with major spoilers: Kang Da-jeong (Seo Hyun-jin) grew up with an abusive father who would often beat up her mother Mun Mi-ran (Oh Hyun-kyung), whom managed to leave her husband to raise Da-jeong and her son Kang Tae-jung (Kang Hoon) on her own. However, Da-jeong kept encountering bad relationships as she... Continue Reading →

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