Final Review: 38 Task Force

In a nutshell: 38 is a pretty well-written story on social engineering, with unexpected twists and turns. Or maybe not unexpected -- more like calculated. Only thing is: the person who is in the know is Jung-do, and maybe Sung-il. The rest of us (including Team Jung-do) are kept well in the dark, which makes... Continue Reading →

First Impression: 38 Task Force

Ooh, another Seo In-gook's show. Finally... Main cast: The Goody-two-shoes Tax Collectors Ma Dong-seok (from Bad Guys) as Baek Sung-il. Your poor taxman. Like everybody else, he works a punishing 12h run-of-the-mill job, trying to collect taxes from errant defaulters. Being on the receiving end of hurled vulgarities, physical abuses are all in a day's job for him... Continue Reading →

Off to School: Quickie Review

This Variety isn't new, in fact, the recent eps which air from 9 Jun 2015 start from 47. However, I muz thank kooriyuki for pointing this Variety out to me. There's Ho-joon puppy! And my fav Ahn Nae-sang ahjusshi! The premise for this Variety is simple. Throw a bunch of artistes back to high school... Continue Reading →

Kill Me, Heal Me: Farewells

It is really time to say "annyeong" to the characters we have come to love in Kill, as Do-hyun (or Joon-young) successfully merges all his 5 personalities into himself with the help of Mr X. To round up my final review of Kill, here's 7 reasons why I really liked this show, even though I found the... Continue Reading →

Yoona’s Street – First Impression

I wasn't expecting Show to be this interesting, but Yoona's Street is VERY interesting. The synopsis is pretty vague, and frankly speaking I'm not sure whether the male lead is gonna be a police officer, or as given in DramaWiki, a social worker. The setup is pretty interesting; our titular character, Yoona (Kim Ok Bin)... Continue Reading →

’tis the year of KDrama OTP reunions!

kooriyuki: There must be something in the water/air because KDrama OTP reunions are taking place faster than we watch our dramas! There's My Girl reunion, Successful Story of a Bright Girl reunion, and now a highly possible Time Between Dog and Wolf reunion. sab: Yup, I loved the chemistry between Lee Da-hae and Lee Dong-wook,... Continue Reading →

3-in-1: God’s Quiz(zes) 1-3 Review (Part 3/3)

Riiight, this is the last review for the God's Quiz series. (finally) GQ3 is by far the best of the lot that I've marathoned, more on why later. God's Quiz 3 Additional cast: Ahn Nae-sang (last seen in Monstar) as Detective Bae Tae-shik. Replacement for Detective Kang, who has gone overseas to study. Gruff, slouchy and... Continue Reading →

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