Dr. Frost (ep10, Final): Weecap

We've reached the climax for Frost, and well, there's a surprising turn of events, in case you haven't guessed. Synopsis (ep10, Final: Lost Memories, part II) We pick up from where we left off in ep9: Frost, whose "memories" of the accident is triggered under Sung-hyun's hypnosis, rushes to Prof Cheon's office to confront him. Naturally... Continue Reading →

Dr. Frost (ep9): Weecap

Mr Evil Psycho is back again in this ep, wrecking havoc amongst the innocents and also our characters in Frost. Synopsis (ep9: Lost Memories): We are taken back into the past, where we see a young Frost sitting in a corner reading a variety of books in the library. Teenage Sung-hyun approaches him and deduces that... Continue Reading →

Dr. Frost (ep8): Weecap

I promised a bumper issue didn't I? Here's the weecap for ep8. 🙂 Enjoy 🙂 Synopsis (Ep8: Lies): Sung-ah hurries to her consultation location in the evening, while chatting on the phone with Frost -- who asks her whether she has forgotten any more stuff in case she needs to run back to the office again. Sung-ah retorts she... Continue Reading →

Dr. Frost (ep7): Weecap

Sorry for the later post, was overseas last week. Hopefully I can complete ep8 by end this week as well. 🙂 Synopsis (ep7: Bruised Child) Lawyer Choi looks tearfully at the video chat with his son, who asks him why he is crying. When he looks up, he questions his visitor on whether it is... Continue Reading →

Dr. Frost (ep6): Weecap

OCN pushed back the screening of ep6 for Frost cos of the holidays, and replaced it with movies instead. (OCN is one of the cable channels in Korea that airs Hollywood's action movies.) With all shows pre-empted due to the holidays, I ended up with many days off twiddling my thumbs at home. ><" We put aside the... Continue Reading →

Dr. Frost (ep5): Weecap

This week's murderer is one of the vilest kind -- preferring to mess with his victims' minds and getting a kick at watching them self-destruct. The story hasn't concluded in ep5, we will continue in ep6. Synopsis: Ep5 (Data Bank) We open to see Sung-ah running to somewhere urgently. She stops in front of a building and... Continue Reading →

Dr. Frost (ep4): Weecap

Today's episode may be the first step in dissolving the frosty tension between Frost and Prof Song. Synopsis (Ep4: Dangerous Love) Prof Song apologises to a caller on the phone, promising she will "be there soon", as she rushes helter-skelter from her office. A presence clocks her departure and enters her office secretly. The place where Prof... Continue Reading →

Dr. Frost (ep3): Weecap

This week's episode has a message -- be nice to service staff. It doesn't have much twist as a story goes, unlike ep2. Synopsis (Ep3: Mask*) *the literal title reads "Instruction Manual of a Mask", but I find it clumsy. Thus, have taken the liberty to amend it ever-so-slightly. 2 tramps enter a dilapidated warehouse, with the intent to share some... Continue Reading →

Dr Frost (ep2): Weecap

I promised a same-week weecap for ep2 earlier right? I've made good that promise. 🙂 Synopsis (Ep2: "Blackout") We open to a group of baseball players (likely recreational) having a dinner (and drinks) gathering. One of the players, Kang Joon-shi, looks up shyly at the pretty waitress (Oh Ji-min) when she delivers their drinks to... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Dr. Frost

Apologies for the late First Impression, and if you want to have a recap of ep1, gummimochi from Dramabeans has launched it last week. I will carry on the weecaps from ep2 onwards here -- hopefully, I can get ep2 out by this week. (fingers crossed) Main cast: Song Chang-eui (from The Great Seer) as... Continue Reading →

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