Final Review: Lucky Romance

Someone pls shoot that fortune teller ahjusshi. He obviously knows that Bo-nui is a sensitive soul, and he goes ahead and says things that will likely push her off the edge. (and the "raccoon" he is refering to isn't even Bo-nui, but Boss Won) I'm quite surprised Bo-nui hasn't committed suicide in all of 16eps, given... Continue Reading →

Lucky Romance: Geeky Love

Other than the first few eps where Bo-nui amuses (or irate) us with her groundless superstitions, the following eps of Lucky have very little to do with hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo. Rather, bulk of the time is watching Su-ho realise how emotions (namely, Love with the capital L) cannot be linearly categorised into 0 and 1. I won't say... Continue Reading →

Oh Hae-young Again + Lucky Romance: When it’s prophecy, probability or… Fate? back -- albeit temporarily -- from Mommy's duties. Cos I'm kinda behind reviewing Lucky and Oh Hae-young, might as well combine them into one post. Strangely, even though both shows are tonally different, they share one weird similarity -- there's a bit of the pixie dust scattered around them. In Oh Hae-young, Do-kyung's too-often (and unexplained) visions lead... Continue Reading →

Lucky Romance – First Impression (updated)

kooriyuki: There has got to be some real bad luck going on if anyone actually can relate to our female lead Bo-nui (Hwang Jung Eum). Lucky Romance has some really over-the-top superstitious beliefs in an otherwise common KDrama rom-com, with a geeeeeeeeenius male lead (whose childhood reminds me of The Plan Man) + a Candy... Continue Reading →

Final Review: She Was Pretty

Regardless of how some viewers may find that Pretty's narrative "ended" with the discovery of Hye-jin's true identity and the reunion of the lovebirds, I still find Pretty very much a nice watch. Suitable for cool, autumn-ry days, cos it juz gives you that fuzzy, warm feeling. Besides that, Pretty has stuck close to its main theme of... Continue Reading →

She Was Pretty: Hide-and-seek

I 'fess, I've been trying to clear the load of backlogs (in watching, not writing...writing has never been the problem) of kdramas...and so...I'm only at ep6 of Pretty. Erm, might as well fill up the blog with a quasi-mid term review, no? (hee) Thus far, Pretty has been slapsticky hilarious. All thanks to one simple,... Continue Reading →

Kill Me, Heal Me: Farewells

It is really time to say "annyeong" to the characters we have come to love in Kill, as Do-hyun (or Joon-young) successfully merges all his 5 personalities into himself with the help of Mr X. To round up my final review of Kill, here's 7 reasons why I really liked this show, even though I found the... Continue Reading →

Kill Me, Heal Me: A Goodbye?

Finally Kill clears up its central Mystery surrounding the Cha clan. And thankfully Ri-jin and Do-hyun are unrelated, other than sharing the same painful past. We spend a large part of ep17 on flashbacks, as we learn of each character's involvement in the fire of 23 years ago. And Do-hyun's first personality split -- into... Continue Reading →

Kill Me, Heal Me: Do-hyun/Ri-jin

Hands up if you think last week's kdramas were a pain to watch. We have that devastating secret in Hearts to Hearts, Robin's existential crisis in Hyde, Jekyll and Me and a million icky crawling worms being released from the can of Kill Me, Heal Me. I kinda agree with both purplecow and Saya on dramabeans... Continue Reading →

Kill Me, Heal Me: Balancing Act

It isn't news that Kill has been very good at managing its dark moments by peppering comedy in between. Earlier on, the appearances of violent Se-gi are tempered with his ridiculous wooing of Ri-jin (remember that dancing monkey? and Dancing Monkey Ri-jin?). Ri-on's secret mission in uncovering Seung-jin Group's mysteries are evened out with a... Continue Reading →

Kill Me, Heal Me: Se-gi and his Secret

Our OTP finally join forces and they make a pretty unstoppable team when paired together -- enough to diss Chae-yon and Ki-joon, making them snap at each other. (so fun to watch) Then again, Ri-jin's close proximity to Do-hyun has a domino-effect on his other personalities: Do-hyun and "friends" are all too eager to meet their new housemate. Thus, the popping... Continue Reading →

Kill Me, Heal Me: A Subversion

Juz last week, I commented that watching Kill can lead to some confusion, with its twisted plot of a missing heir-competitor, memories lost, weird characterisations, etc...all of which can lead to some rather painful watching. With recent eps7/8, I revised my impression. Imo, Kill purposely sets out to subvert our expectations of a rom-com. I notice... Continue Reading →

Kill Me, Heal Me: Definition of Normalcy

Right, so we have seen 3 (and a little of the 4th) personalities of Cha Do-hyun, with the latest (major) addition being Ferry Park, the free-wheeling fisherman-wannabe who builds bombs on the side. Ri-jin also correctly diagnoses Do-hyun as suffering from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, or more commonly termed as having "multiple personalities") and that... Continue Reading →

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