Jang Yeong Shil – Week 12 & Finale

We're finally at the end of this wonderful drama that depicts (and re-imagines) the life of Joseon's, or maybe even the entire of ancient Korea's greatest scientist and inventor, Jang Yeong Shil. I always thought it's a 50-episode drama, so I was really surprised that it was only planned for 24 episodes. Ah well. I... Continue Reading →

Jang Yeong Shil – Week 11

Wow I never expected to have my blood pressure rise so much watching Show, but ever since the introduction of Jo Kwang, the myopic views and fear-mongering tactics practised by these neo-Confucianists he represent have me tearing my hair out in frustration. Jang Hee Jae is a tragic character through and through, and I'm glad... Continue Reading →

Jang Yeong Shil – Week 10

Finally some truimph for our Joseon scientists, as Jang Yeong Shil figured out how to include semi-automation in his upgraded version of water clock, and Jang Hee Jae is enlightened (or is he?) that Jang Yeong Shil is naturally gifted. I'm not sure if this week's episodes signify any big changes in Jang Hee Jae,... Continue Reading →

Jang Yeong Shil – Week 9

While Jang Yeong Shil has advanced to another level of engineering a time telling device, Jang Hee Jae is still trying to build his own water clock based on what he knew from the trip to Ming China. Princess Sohyun is helping him with it all along, making her a rare female carpenter and mathematician... Continue Reading →

Jang Yeong Shil – Week 8

When we thought things are looking up for Jang Yeong Shil, it returns to square one as more people want him to die (sucks being a scientist in a Confucian society). It's especially demoralising to see how he and his ragtag team finally came up with the correct eclipse calculation (and gaining the knowledge of... Continue Reading →

Jang Yeong Shil – Week 7

King Sejong went ahead to elevate Jang Yeong Shil's status from a slave to yangban and given an official post, despite massive disapproval from most of the court officials. Even with the change in identity, Jang Yeong Shil is still tirelessly pursuing the knowledge of nature and works with a few other mathematicians, under the... Continue Reading →

Jang Yeong Shil – Week 5 & 6

Week 6 has only one episode because that Sunday was Lunar New Year Eve, and Show was pre-empted for some specials (I think). King Taejong has stepped down and Grand Prince Chung-nyeong ascends the throne, becoming who we'll know as Sejong the Great. He sends Jang Yeong Shil and Jang Hee Jae with the Joseon... Continue Reading →

Jang Yeong Shil – Week 4

Following Jang Yeong Shil's discovery of the truth behind the stone constellation carvings, King Taejong's plan to eliminate the rebels is carried out, with Jang Hee Jae revealing his double spy identity to the head rebel. The rebel is foiled, and Taejong decides to execute some officials who aren't even remotely related to the rebels,... Continue Reading →

Jang Yeong Shil – Week 3

This week's episodes mark a turning point in Jang Yeong Shil's life, as he is brought to Hanyang¬†by Lee Chun. Lee appears to be yet another antagonist to Jang Yeong Shil in the beginning, but when Jang Yeong Shil saved him after being left to die by the revolting peasants as well as hearing his... Continue Reading →

Jang Yeong Shil – Week 2

Let's see if I can keep up with a weekly commentary of this new sageuk, because I find it really inspiring and it's gonna be a shame not to share it. Being a research scientist myself, I often wonder how to keep the passion for science going, and how to inspire the young 'uns to... Continue Reading →

Jang Yeong Shil – First Impression

We welcome the new year with a new drama, KBS' 2016 daeha drama (or sageuk, if you prefer), Jang Yeong Shil. Headlined by Song Il Gook (best known as the adorable triplets Daehan, Mingook and Manse's Dad on the popular variety¬†Superman Returns), the titular character is touted as Joseon's first scientist, astronomer and inventor, coming... Continue Reading →

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