First Impression: Would You Like a Cup of Coffee?

Among all the thrillers releasing this month, Coffee is a breath of fresh air and a chance to watch something that won’t leave you with your heart racing. Main cast: Park Ho-sun (from Prison Playbook) as Park Seok or fondly called Boss Park by his patrons. He opens “2nd Generation Coffee House” and his business... Continue Reading →

Review: Great Shaman Ga Doo-shim

Not sure if it is due to Netflix’s influence, but I have been seeing an increase of short (i.e. less than the usual 16eps) Kdramas on air. Granted, Shaman is on a smaller internet TV channel, so it probably does not have the production capital of larger, and traditional TV stations such as KBS and... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Mad For Each Other

Although generally lighthearted, Mad deals with a thought-provoking and uncomfortable topic. That of the rather cruel treatment of women in a society which is still innately patriarchal. We don’t get Min-kyung’s backstory in one piece — unlike Hwi-oh’s — cos hers was much, much darker. Min-kyung was betrayed and cheated by her ex-boyfriend, who was... Continue Reading →

Mad for Each Other: The odd couple

Since I have managed to catch up with Racket, Mad is another show on my watch list. And it’s only 13eps, which is an odd number to round off a pretty oddball show. The premise is the usual squabbling couple turns OTP, but both our protagonists have issues that stem from previous relationships. In Hwi-oh’s... Continue Reading →

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