Review: Great Shaman Ga Doo-shim

Not sure if it is due to Netflix’s influence, but I have been seeing an increase of short (i.e. less than the usual 16eps) Kdramas on air. Granted, Shaman is on a smaller internet TV channel, so it probably does not have the production capital of larger, and traditional TV stations such as KBS and... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Leverage

Leverage is a very straightforward type of show. Don't expect too much out of it, and you will enjoy the thrill of the action, as Tae-joon leads his band of scammers on Robin Hood type missions. The heist operation is the only reason why Leverage is watchable. Even when faced with a strong adversary, and... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Leverage

Next to police procedurals, heist films (or dramas) are a close second favourite. I have not watched the original Leverage from the US series, so I cannot compare how the Kdrama version stands against that. Main cast: Lee Dong-gun (from Sketch) as Lee Tae-joon. He was a very sharp insurance fraud investigator, forced to quit... Continue Reading →

Mirror of the Witch – Half-time Comments

This is another drama which I wait for eagerly each week, which is not difficult to understand because the cinematography is gorgeous, the storytelling keeps us on our toes and each week we get more questions thrown to us than having OUR questions answered. It's been a long while since we get a decent supernatural... Continue Reading →

Mirror of the Witch: A woman and her boundaries

I was telling kooriyuki that it is super possible I will be dropping Mirror anytime soon -- cos it's going into the I-feel-like-strangling-everybadi-on-screen territory. It's not that the fantasy imbued plot isn't intriguing, it is. But I realize (after some heavy pondering) my aversion to sageuk may have to do with the repeated motif this genre... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Mirror of the Witch

kooriyuki says to let me craft the First Impression for Mirror...I hope she doesn't regret her decision, knowing full well my opinion of sageuks. (heh) [kooriyuki: And I told sab I usually suspend all disbelief while watching fantasy dramas. Hey, it's fantasy! As long as it doesn't end up like Moon Embracing the Sun (which... Continue Reading →

First Impression: High School Love On

Thanks to the start of a really weird show, kdramaland gave me an air pocket of breathing space to watch a drama I'd always wanted to start -- High School Love On. As the name says, it's about high school, a bunch of teenagers coming of age, and high school romance. These are tried and tested formulae of kdramas... Continue Reading →

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