Vagabond: The Thick Skull Duo

As a fan of spy thrillers, I...really do not know what to make of Vagabond. While it is easier for me to suspend my disbelief that a stuntman can somehow manage to be the only person in the group of grieving next-of-kins to spot, identify, tackle a suspicious man and arrive at the conclusion that... Continue Reading →


When the Devil Calls Your Name: Balance between Light and Dark

It comes as no surprise if there's a Devil in the show, there should be an Angel somewhere too. I had my suspicions of Boss Kong (played by Kim Won-hae) way back when he appeared too fast in front of Yi-kyung when an intruder attempted to break into his cafe. The first thought that went... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Joseon Survival

Major Spoilers: The actor as the main character Han Jung-rok was changed from Kang Ji-hwan to Seo Ji-suk from Episode 11 onwards. Jung Ga-ik (Lee Jae-yoon) was saved by a monk in Joseon, who was later killed by Ga-ik to take his place as Monk Bo Woo. Monk Bo Woo was later appointed as the... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Hotel Del Luna

Luna definitely has the charm of Master Sun -- that baroque-gothic feel, since both shows are written by the Hong sisters. Main cast: IU (from Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryo) as Jang Man-wol. She inherits (?) del Luna hotel from a god, Mago, owing to a life filled with hatred, revenge, and later regrets.Yeo Jin-goo... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Watcher

Not too sure if I am continuing this one, the pacing is a bit slow for ep1, but the storyline has a quite a bit of potential. Main cast: Han Suk-kyu (from Romantic Dr, Teacher Kim) as Chief of Internal Affairs, Do Chi-kwang. He arrested Young-gun's dad on murder charge in his past as a... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Voice 3

Damn. There's going to be a Voice 4 -- Je-soo, as predicted, isn't dead. It'd be good if we just, you know, END after the death of half-a-psychopath-Kang-woo and his 100%-psychopath bro, Mayasuki. But no, the post-credits have to show a hale and healthy Je-soo collecting a badass sniper gun, under orders from a female... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Abyss

If you suspend your disbelief about the entire premise of coming back from the dead with a silly marble (which happens to have the world's poorest set of instructional manual), Abyss is a pretty good watch. As mentioned in my previous post, the balance between the thriller and the romcom is done well. We have... Continue Reading →

Voice 3: The Demon Within

I must say, I am getting rather confused with how the overarching plot is developing. While the case-by-episode is still engaging enough, the whole mystery over Kang-woo's past, his turn for the worse, the relationship between Kang-woo and the mysterious organisation who is hunting him (and Kwon-joo) had me scratching my head. So it seems... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Her Private Life

sab: This show is cute, and gives us yet another pair of OTP that can run for the annual most cheesy, most toe-curling OTP. And I'd thought Goblin couple in Touch Your Heart is mushy enough. Like Touch, Private does not have much of a storyline. Running on the good ol' romcom route, the focus... Continue Reading →

He Is Psychometric: A Tangled Web

Sorry, I only recently started on Psychometric, after struggling through the lack of good shows this season. (don't ask me how many I dropped halfway...) And yes, I know Psychometric has ended, so spoilers. Well, I find myself getting drawn to Psychometric and marathoning through like 5eps in a night, cos it does have... Continue Reading →

Final Review: The Fiery Priest

I love happy endings, especially when one of my favourite characters (i.e. Priest Han) doesn't die. 🙂 As expected, the ending of Fiery is the Good-Guy-underdogs-win-the-day. However, I do like how Fiery has also treated some of the not so pleasant characters. Tbf, nearly all of Hae-il's team are culpable of corruption at some point.... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Romance is a Bonus Book

As the show says: a book may not be able to change you, but it can leave you with a warm does Romance. I would say that the narrative looks at books and books publishing through heavily rose tinted glasses. There's something so romantically noble about Gyeoroo Publishing that it leaves me with a... Continue Reading →

Possessed: That supernatural slant

While it is only a matter of time before the evil spirit, who is now more of Hwang Dae-do than Dr Sun, is caught and punished, it doesn't mean I agree with Pil-sung's rather brainless headlong dash into capturing the psycho. His "hunches" are spot on -- plus with his keen observation skills mean he... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Possessed

kooriyuki: My apologies for the lack of posts recently because I'm too busy irl to check on the blog. sab is still writing, and usually I'm the one including screen grabs. We have lots of posts lined up but I just need time to edit the posts! Thanks for being patient with us! Your run-of-the-mill... Continue Reading →

First Impression: The Fiery Priest

While our priests in other Kdramaland's shows have their hands full in exorcising literal demons, Hae-il here has a bigger fish to fry. He has to exorcise the biggest demon of all - Corruption. Main cast: Kim Nam-gil (from Live Up to Your Name) as Priest Kim Hae-il. He is termed fiery cos he has a pretty short fuse, especially with bullies.... Continue Reading →

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