Drama Review – The Weird Father (KBS, 2017)

Although nowhere near the heart What's With My Family offered, The Weird Father was still an enjoyable family drama experience with practically non-existent makjang and a healthy dose of realism. I guess this is the last weekend drama I'm watching for the year (dropping Man Who Sets the Table) and I'm glad to have caught... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Vampire Detective

Glad to say that this very meh show has ended...(and sorry if you happen to be a huge fan of Vampire). Then again, all hope is not lost, since there's a strong indication that Vampire Detective will follow up with (Series 3?) of Vampire Prosecutor. Now, that has some potential -- rather than keeping both worlds separate, combining... Continue Reading →

Vampire Detective: Vampire Detective(s)

You know you aren't that special when it seems like everyone else around you have your so-called "special" abilities. That's what seems to be happening in Vampire. We already know Tae-woo and San are vampires (though Tae-woo and his injured ego may still think San is an innocent human-prey), but Yoo-jin now joins in the "fun"... Continue Reading →

Vampire Detective: A clash of worlds

Frankly speaking, after the previous 2 weeks of Vampire, I was about to write off the entire show. Firstly, the whodunit is so glaringly obvious; if it took me like 5 mins to decipher the murderer(s), I am left wondering why San et. al. took an entire hour. The actress-stalker case? Introducing the newly hired... Continue Reading →

Vampire Detective: Peripheral Vision

I muz say, Vampire Detective is really living up to its title. Vampire is basically a show where the protagonist happens to be an undead with an undead's abilities. Nothing much else. The bigger story arc about Yo-na vs. Yoo-jin? Merely a side dish. It's so frustrating!!! We are already at the halfway mark and... Continue Reading →

Vampire Detective: Finally…

I'm conflicted after watching Vampire ep4. For one, I am glad the big picture is finally weaving its way into the narrative, but on the other hand, I get the feeling that some time has passed or something, and there's gap which I am unaware of? To elaborate: there are hints in ep4 that San... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Vampire Detective

I confess: I have totally given up watching (and completing) Neighbourhood Heroes. Mainly cos, it isn't the usual OCN dark, slicky fare. Not that Heroes is boring...it's juz, not as interesting. (sorry) Thankfully, post-Heroes, OCN regains its momentum. Vampire is typical OCN-fare: dark, bloody, monstrous (literally), but slick. Main cast: Lee-joon (from Heard it Through... Continue Reading →

Heard it Through the Grapevine – Week 15

Aaaaand, we've come to the end of the quirky ride, and while times I drift off during the stretches of political maneuverings (especially in the last few episodes), Show was a fun ride with an equally quirky soundtrack to boot. In Sang settles fairly well into his new life at his in-laws, taking over Bommie's... Continue Reading →

Heard it through the Grapevine – Week 14

We're all set for the final showdown in the second last week of Show, as team small-fry lawyers band together to collect as much evidence as they can, of the illegal activities Han Song has been engaged in all these while. Meanwhile, Daddy Han is working with the shrewd old politicans, further solidifying his political... Continue Reading →

Heard it Through the Grapevine – Week 12

It's inevitable that we have to come to this point, but this week marks the beginning of then end (hopefully), as we head for the forced separation of Bommie and In Sang, fueled by his parents. Daddy and Mama Han firmly believes that the "revolt" by their house employees was instigated by Bommie, specifically her... Continue Reading →

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