Mrs Cop 2: The Old and New

Now that our feisty ahjumma cop is going head to head with the resident bad boy, it's hard not to compare between the 2 Cop(s). 1. Team Leaders Choi vs. Ko In terms of intellect, I'd say both are at the same level? Even though Team Leader Ko, with a FBI portfolio under her belt, initially... Continue Reading →

Mrs Cop 2: The Villain

Kim-beom would have perfected that slant-eyed, side grin by now, seeing that Lee Ro-joon's favourite (or only) facial expression seems to be limited to that. Ok, I get it that you are playing a geeenius baddie, with some anger management issues. But...Kim-beom sshi, shouldn't you be having facial cramps by now? 😛 Whatever the case,... Continue Reading →

Mrs Cop 2: The Hapless Bunch

I juz can't help but find it hilarious that Homicide Team 1 basically only has one person who has the brains and experience to be called a cop. And that one person looks the least like a cop. Whereas, her team members, who are supposedly pulled from various police departments, are rather clueless about investigation... Continue Reading →

Mrs Cop 2: The unexpected

...interesting...Cop 2 is giving us a narrative and characters which not only are different from Cop, but are enigmatic on their own. While Cop gave us very straight-as-arrow police and villain (especially the villain, totally cardboard stock), Cop 2 has very unconventional officers and an even more...atypical villain. 1. The Mama-san Team Leader Team Leader... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Mrs Cop 2

If Cop was all about being down-to-earth and scruffy, Cop 2 is an obvious upgraded version. Everything is sleek and shiny -- right down to its characters, be they heroes or villains. Main Cast: Kim Sung-ryoung (from Heirs) as Ko Yoon-jung. Ex-FBI agent, who has transferred to Korea to head the new Homicide Team 1.... Continue Reading →

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