What kooriyuki watched this week – Jul 12 – 18 2019

A busy week and an interesting new drama puts some of the currently watching dramas on the backseat. Drama watching can be tiring LOL. Investigation Couple 2: This week we learn a wee bit more about Jang Cheol (Noh Min Woo) and his traumatic childhood and boy, he has got to be one of the... Continue Reading →

Drama Review – Nokdu Flower (SBS, 2019)

As I mentioned in one of my weekly roundup posts, I was genuinely upset the viewership ratings for Show was steadily decreasing since its premiere. The quality of production was great from beginning till end and it related a part of history that was particularly painful and I have to admit it got increasingly difficult... Continue Reading →

Nokdu Flower – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell The late 19th century is tumultous time in Joseon, with a weak king and increasingly powerful foreign forces eyeing a piece of the land. Show is different from last year's Mr Sunshine in that it focuses on the domestic rebellion against the corrupt officials, while the latter focused on defeating foreign... Continue Reading →

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