Final Review: Oh Hae-young Again

In the end, you can't run from Fate. Do-kyung still gets knocked down by a car (driven by Tae-jin's ex-fren instead), the ahjusshi singer still commits suicide and the white petals still fall. Thankfully, the ending isn't what Do-kyung expected. (luckily it isn't, else we'd all be writing hate mails to tvN) I thoroughly enjoyed Oh... Continue Reading →

Oh Hae-young Again + Lucky Romance: When it’s prophecy, probability or… Fate? back -- albeit temporarily -- from Mommy's duties. Cos I'm kinda behind reviewing Lucky and Oh Hae-young, might as well combine them into one post. Strangely, even though both shows are tonally different, they share one weird similarity -- there's a bit of the pixie dust scattered around them. In Oh Hae-young, Do-kyung's too-often (and unexplained) visions lead... Continue Reading →

Oh Hae-young Again: Pretenses

I intended originally to write only about Pretty Hae-young in Oh Hae-young, then I realized I may end up not having enough material or I will start to bitch about her. Anyway, let's start off with the prettified version of Hae-young. 1. The Pretty Hae-young I admit, I empathized with her in eps7/8, when we... Continue Reading →

Oh Hae-young Again: Opposites

There's so much things I want to say about Oh Hae-young that I don't need to watch the latest ep to HAVE things to say. Besides the "person-in-the-shadows" theme I dealt with last week, Oh Hae-young uses another very strong motif in its narrative -- that of "opposites". 1. Sound and Silence There's Eric as Do-kyung, who... Continue Reading →

Much Ado About… Nothing

sab: This sounds like a really lame excuse for the sluggish posting on Nekosdrama...but there's nothing nice on TV streaming sites nowadays!! I can hardly find one kdrama which really interest me enough to want to drop everything to watch. Not after Signal and Pied Piper. I suppose Neighbourhood Lawyer is kinda filling in their... Continue Reading →

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