Rosy Lovers – Episode 10

Episode 10 Cha Dol gets thrown out of the house, because Yeon Hwa gets hysterical that he's coming to take Cho-rong away. Cha Dol pounds on the door furiously, till his knuckles bleed. Chairman Lee contacts the orphange and confirms that Cha Dol is indeed Cho-rong's father, and has no choice but to tell Yeon Hwa. She however,... Continue Reading →

Rosy Lovers – Episode 9

If Daddy Baek is still not turning you off, I believe this week's episodes are the nail on the coffin. It's essentially 2 episodes about two fathers fighting against each other in the name of their love for the daughter, but if in any case Jang Mi knows what her Dad did, I'm not so... Continue Reading →

Rosy Lovers – Week 4

Before I go onto the recaps, very sorry for the severe delay. December was a mad scramble at work, and I hardly even have time to watch dramas *gasp*. Hopefully the new year will be slightly better, and I'll have more time to blog. On a regretful note, because I see Aigooyobo is recapping What... Continue Reading →

Dads, 2014 is really NOT your year…

sab: We are referring to kdramas' dads btw. No offense to all daddies out there. (we still love u <3) Back to the topic: this year, we are seeing loads of not-nice daddies. They are all Dreadfully Atrocious Dads (DAD). kooriyuki: Okay, maybe not all daddies in KDramaland are bad, but we agree that there's an exceptionally big number... Continue Reading →

Rosy Lovers – Week 3

We've got some secrets revealed (gasp), and our young couple has no idea what's in store for them in the future. I'm already loving Show for its drama moments, and yes, I'm an ahjumma at heart. Episode 5 Daddy Baek wrecks havoc at the Parks, and when Se Ra says to call the police to... Continue Reading →

Rosy Lovers – Week 2

I think it's great that Show is moving in a really quick pace (which probably means there's going to be a long mid-drama slump in terms of plot, argh), and the Park siblings are facing all their woes and troubles. I'll try to keep this as a weekly weecap, so fingers crossed that I don't... Continue Reading →

Rosy Lovers – First Impression

This is really the year of recycling, because we not only have plenty of OTP reunions, there's also lots of recycling of character names in dramas. The reuse of the name Jang Mi for a drama heroine comes hot on the heels of the recently concluded Marriage Not Dating, and Show attracted my attention because... Continue Reading →

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