What kooriyuki watched this week – Jun 27 – Jul 3 2019

What better to welcome a new month than to begin new dramas? There're supposedly 17 new dramas in this month; we wouldn't be covering all here at this blog but we definitely will try our best to discuss about those that're worth watching! Investigation Couple 2: It seems like every other KDrama must have a... Continue Reading →

Drama Review – Save Me 2 (OCN)

This series is nothing like it's predecessor and while I enjoyed both series, I'd recommend this more than the original. Show is pretty much a crime thriller from the get-go: there is no cult like in the original, only a very seasoned conman Choi Kyung-seok (Chun Ho-jin) and his minions out to scam honest folks... Continue Reading →

Save Me 2 – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell The tiny village of Wolchoori is recently designated as flood-prone zone, which sent the villagers into a frenzy because they have to move out in a few years time. In comes a man known as Professor Choi (Chun Ho-jin) who offered legal advice to the villagers and helped them secure large... Continue Reading →

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