Vagabond: The Thick Skull Duo

As a fan of spy thrillers, I...really do not know what to make of Vagabond. While it is easier for me to suspend my disbelief that a stuntman can somehow manage to be the only person in the group of grieving next-of-kins to spot, identify, tackle a suspicious man and arrive at the conclusion that... Continue Reading →

First Impression – Vagabond

Sypnopsis: Cha Dal-gon (Lee Seung-gi) is an stuntman who aspired to be an action film director. His nephew Cha Hoon (Moon Woo-jin) was abandoned by his mother at the orphanage after his father died, and becomes Dal-gon's only kin. Cha Hoon was going to participate in a Taekwondo showcase in Morocco. Dal-gon had a fight... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Doctor Detective

Major spoilers: The cases of occupational health hazards were based on real incidents, including methanol poisoning leading to blindness and antimicrobial additives for humidifier containing toxic chemical that caused permanent pulmonary disease. The team at UDC (Unconfirmed Disease Centre) consisting of Kong Il-soon (Park Ji-young), Do Joong-eun (Park Jin-hee), Heo Min-ki (Bong Tae-gyu) and others... Continue Reading →

Doctor John: The irony of it all…

The only bits I like about Doctor is those times when Ji-sung is on screen as Dr Yo-han, the genius who can diagnose a complicated case without the help of laboratories and clever gadgets. But more often than not, the storyline is bugged down by two characters whom I am getting less and less patient... Continue Reading →

Dr John: The Pain Issue

Although the topic of Dr's narrative is heavy going material -- euthanasia shares just as many arguments as abortions -- I find myself enjoying the show pretty much. Maybe cos Corruption hasn't made its daily appearance. Given the drift of the plot, I have an inkling it MIGHT not be such a huge stage presence... Continue Reading →

Doctor Detective – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell Do Jung-eun (Park Jin Hee) used to be a doctor, and also the daughter-in-law of the chaebol in Show's universe. Due to yet unknown reasons, her license was suspended (and in the process of recovering it), and has divorced her husband Choi Tae Young (Lee Ki-woo). It seems that the divorce... Continue Reading →

Doctor John – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell Based on the Japanese novel "On the Hand of God" By Yo Kusakabe, Show revolves around a team of anesthesiologists and pain management doctors. The titular character Doctor John is played by Ji Sung, whose name Yo-han is the Korean version of "John". He somehow landed in jail, which we were... Continue Reading →

Final Review: My Absolute Boyfriend

Since I have watched previous iterations (and even a 2D version) of Absolute, I sort of knew how the ending would turn out. My only anticipation of the ending would be whether the scriptwriters stick to the original (where the robot "dies") or re-write it to be a happier one. As it is, Absolute took... Continue Reading →

Drama Review – Nokdu Flower (SBS, 2019)

As I mentioned in one of my weekly roundup posts, I was genuinely upset the viewership ratings for Show was steadily decreasing since its premiere. The quality of production was great from beginning till end and it related a part of history that was particularly painful and I have to admit it got increasingly difficult... Continue Reading →

First Impression: My Absolute Boyfriend

I still remembered reading the manga Zettai Kareshi, and then watching the Japanese drama remake back in those days (those very, very long ago days). However, other than a general vague sense of the plot and ending, I cannot remember much of what happened, really. Main cast: Yeo Jin-gu (from The Crowned Clown) as Robot... Continue Reading →

Drama Review – Haechi (SBS, 2019)

I'd say we were in really good hands for Haechi, as this writer is a seasoned sageuk writer. I like my sageuks semi-factual (as opposed to fantasy), so after a drought of such dramas, I was ready for some serious sageuks. However, I had to admit I wasn't fully onboard until approximately one-third way in,... Continue Reading →

Nokdu Flower – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell The late 19th century is tumultous time in Joseon, with a weak king and increasingly powerful foreign forces eyeing a piece of the land. Show is different from last year's Mr Sunshine in that it focuses on the domestic rebellion against the corrupt officials, while the latter focused on defeating foreign... Continue Reading →

Final Review: The Fiery Priest

I love happy endings, especially when one of my favourite characters (i.e. Priest Han) doesn't die. 🙂 As expected, the ending of Fiery is the Good-Guy-underdogs-win-the-day. However, I do like how Fiery has also treated some of the not so pleasant characters. Tbf, nearly all of Hae-il's team are culpable of corruption at some point.... Continue Reading →

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