Was it Love?: Deluge

This is a case of from nothing to something (or many things). For weeks, Ae-jeong has been holding out on the identity of Ha-nee’s dad, and suddenly in eps10-11, not only is the identity confirmed, everything seems to be ABOUT Ha-nee’s dad. It’s a literal “narrative vomit”. For weeks we had been watching Love playing... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Psycho, but it’s Okay

sab: I do love a fairy tale Happy Ending, and I am glad that after all the turbulences the OTP have to go through, they finally get their forever happy ever after. Despite the weird title (whether you prefer Psycho, but it’s Okay, or It’s Okay not to be Okay, both are a mouthful), I... Continue Reading →

Train: Convergence

The ending of ep8 was a little unexpected. While I’d expected World B Do-won to eventually figure out a way back (cos unlike World A Do-won, he doesn’t have a pull factor to remain in World A), I never thought World B Do-won will end up dead...in his own world. Cos this really throws a... Continue Reading →

Was it Love?: Cat and the Bag

Ermygawd, it took all of 10eps to finally get Ae-Jeong to somewhat leak the identity of Ha-nee’s dad. And the “leak” happened in an embarrassing scene, where 3 out of 4 suitors were present, with Mummy Noh busy pummeling Ryu Jin, whom she thought was the “culprit”, and Ae-jeong finally screaming at her to say... Continue Reading →

Psycho, but It’s Ok: Papillon

Someone ought to award me a prize — I suspected Head Nurse Mdm Park as Moon-young’s mum ever since Park Oh-ran started acting funny and subsequently went missing after her escape from the psychiatric hospital. Cos logically, the person who has the most access to the patients (and who is able to groom them in... Continue Reading →

Was It Love?: An Underdog Tale

I find it increasingly hilarious to see Sohn Ho-joon on screen with the other co-male leads. Cos there is this disparity in height — and breadth — between Oh Dae-oh and his competitions. So poor Dae-oh spends most of his time peering up at his co-actors and trying to (ahem) bulk himself up (unsuccessfully) with... Continue Reading →

Train: Divergence

In case the viewer is still clueless about the running theme, Train literally slips in shots of a train track that goes on separate paths. Which is also used now as a placeholder to inform the viewer which world s/he is currently at. Although a tad annoying at times, I still find it pretty useful... Continue Reading →

Train: Parallel Worlds (Again)

Someone definitely did not get the memo — our world is NOT a dumping ground for bodies. We see a repeat of Lee Im’s (King) tactic in Train, as the antagonist from a parallel universe (“B World”) learns also that he can conveniently get rid of the evidence of his crime in our world. That... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Was It Love?

In summary, this show is about:a) A damsel in distress,b) Her 4 Knights in Shining Armor, andc) A need for a paternity test. Main cast: Song Ji-hyo (from Lovely, Horribly) as single mum and novice PD, Noh Ae-jung.Sohn Ho-joon (from My Secret Terrius) as writer and Ae-jung’s old flame, Oh Dae-oh (or Cheon Ok-mun— his... Continue Reading →

First Impression: The Good Detective

The set up is somewhat like the recent Team Bulldog — we have the police team and the crime reporters team (with Ji Seung-hyun continuing to reprise his role in Team Reporter, but as an editor instead of profiler this time). Main cast: Son Hyun-joo (from Criminal Minds) as veteran detective, Kang Do-chang. He is... Continue Reading →

My Fellow Citizens: It’s a Circus!

Sorry that I am late to this show. Cos I am suffering from the usual inertia of starting new shows (I know there are 5(!) new dramas this week, kooriyuki has been reminding)...but there’s this need to “restart” the engine to engage in a new dramaverse. Which I am dragging my feet (and eyes), so... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Mystic Pop-up Bar

I much prefer the neater (and less draggy) ending of Mystic, compared to its touted look-alike “Hotel de Luna”. And given that it’s only 12eps (12!!), the pacing is also faster, so unlike Hotel, we don’t have the luxury of stretching out plot twists, guessing games, or having long-drawn teary goodbyes. From ep9 onwards, the... Continue Reading →

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