Melting Me Softly: A Love across Space and Time

After bingeing on Camellia, I am very far behind Melting (am only at bear with me, k?) Melting is pretty hilarious, but imo, some parts overdone especially the dragging of the family-friends meet up after 20 years. But it is funny that Melting got Kim Won-hee to play BOTH the dad and brother --... Continue Reading →

When the Camellia Blooms: The Psycho Angle

Midway through Camellia, the sinister-ness in the narrative bumps up. Just as Dong Baek and Yong-sik find romance, the shadowy killer in Camellia starts to become active. Just as Dong Baek is an outsider to Ongsan Town, I am very sure the psychopath is a familiar face within Ongsan. And of cos given the small... Continue Reading →

When the Camellia Blooms: The men

I'm still not in favour of Kdramas that try to have too many things happening on their plates. Namely: have a romcom, a noona-romance, and then also add in OCN-ish thriller to the mix. I like Camellia's lighthearted take on the foot-in-mouth Yong-sik and just-as-blunt Dong Baek's romance, and the heart twingings of Dong Baek's... Continue Reading →

Vagabond: The Thick Skull Duo

As a fan of spy thrillers, I...really do not know what to make of Vagabond. While it is easier for me to suspend my disbelief that a stuntman can somehow manage to be the only person in the group of grieving next-of-kins to spot, identify, tackle a suspicious man and arrive at the conclusion that... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Hotel Del Luna

Luna is unlike the usual stories from the famed Hong Sisters. From the onset, the tone of Luna is very introspective. While there are still some funnies and capering around, they are very much toned down in Luna. Just think back to Master Sun, which kind of dealt with the same supernatural strain, but the... Continue Reading →

Doctor John: The irony of it all…

The only bits I like about Doctor is those times when Ji-sung is on screen as Dr Yo-han, the genius who can diagnose a complicated case without the help of laboratories and clever gadgets. But more often than not, the storyline is bugged down by two characters whom I am getting less and less patient... Continue Reading →

When the Devil Calls Your Name: Souls

Is it only me that find Tae-kang seriously funny...and somehow endearing (gasp!) as a devil? I love his banter and negotiations with Ha Rib, including the recent amendments to the clauses on his contract. So Mr Devil is willing to consider giving Ha Rib a permanent no-strings attached extension of his benefits as long as... Continue Reading →

Hotel Del Luna: Hatred

How long can you hate someone? Well, for Man-wol, an eternity isn't enough. I was quite aghast at her unprovoked retaliation against Mi-ra, even though we did get glimpses into Man-wol/ Mi-ra's past and understand they were arch enemies (and possibly rivals in love) then. But...Mi-ra in the current reincarnation did not even do anything... Continue Reading →

Dr John: The Pain Issue

Although the topic of Dr's narrative is heavy going material -- euthanasia shares just as many arguments as abortions -- I find myself enjoying the show pretty much. Maybe cos Corruption hasn't made its daily appearance. Given the drift of the plot, I have an inkling it MIGHT not be such a huge stage presence... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Investigation Couple 2

The ending... leaves me crying for a bloody refund. Ok, given that I know that Investigation 3 is in the works (the crew is negotiating for a continuation), I might just let the cliff hanger slide (again). But the Easter Egg post-credit is interesting. [SPOILERS] I fully understand why Prosecutor Do would want to leave... Continue Reading →

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