Bulgasal: The Dysfunctional Family

We have to add another 400 years to the Hwal/ Sang-un’s history with the latest development in Bulgasal. And a thousand years is more than enough time for our hardcore itinerant liar, Eul-tae, to perfect his “craft”. So much so, I believe he has already started believing the sob story he crafted for himself to... Continue Reading →

Our Beloved Summer: Like…finally

Is it just me, or is Beloved really over-milking the OTP’s conflict? Cos it took like 12eps for Ung and Yeon-su to finally realise …they have not stopped loving each other. And even then, they have not “grown up”, so to speak. Ung is still rather clueless and reactive to Yeon-su, and similarly, Yeon-su still... Continue Reading →

Ghost Doctor: A symbiotic relationship

I must say, Seung-tak needs to be awarded Best Actor Award, for being able to hide his keen observation of people behind a facade of a happy-go-lucky, harmless medical resident. Turns out, he is not so clueless after all, about Young-min’s possession of his body and also of his cousin’s plan to usurp the hospital.... Continue Reading →

Bad and Crazy: The crazily long cases

I was struck by the length of each case for Bad. It is unlike most Kdrama’s police procedural, where a case usually lasts about 1-2eps and the criminal is caught pretty quickly (other than the overarching case which drives the narrative). For Bad, the case(s) are long. And what’s even more unusual, they are very... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Ghost Doctor

I can’t decide who is cuter — Rain or Kim Beom…. Main cast: Rain (from The Hungry and Hairy) as Dr Cha Young-min. He is the genius doctor in the hospital, but is also reputed to be cold and calculating. Kim Beom (from Tale of the Nine Tailed) as First Year Resident Dr Go Seung-tak.... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Dr Brain

I’d actually give this Sci-fic Kdrama a passing score, in fact, I’d score it a good B grade at the least. Seems like short 6eps is the magic formula for a Kdrama centered on futuristic theories. In summary, Brain is all about this villainous Prof Myung — the same guy who “adopted” Se-won when he... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Royal Inspector and Joy

While we have the expected Happy Forever ending, Royal still manages to steal a few surprises across. For one, who’d expect our tragic villain, Tae-seo, to actually be the legitimate son of Councillor Park? Makes his eventual death even more….tragic. And the punishment for Councillor Park harsher. For all his pomposity and bullying attitude towards... Continue Reading →

Bulgasal: Rinse and repeat

The thing about adding reincarnation as the theme to the narrative is you tend to end up with repetitions. Either events, or characters, or both, make repeated appearances, and sometimes with the same endings. Hopefully Bulgasal won’t end up repeating history. So far, we already have our main lead, Dan Hwal, chasing his female Bulgasal... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Dr. Brain

Apple TV+’s first venture into Kdrama is a Sci-fic thriller, 6eps in all. So far, ep1 is promising… Main cast: Lee Sun-kyun (from My Mister) as Koh Se-won. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as a child, he is the proverbial autistic-savant. Se-won grows up to be a neural-researcher, specialising in the transference of brain... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Chimera

Chimera might be a wet dream for chemistry fans, but I feel that there are glaring gaps in its narrative. While it is quick to build up the case for Reporter Kim as the current Chimera, it feels rather slipshod. You mean it took so long for Jae-hwan, an experienced detective who has proven himself... Continue Reading →

Variety Review: The Hungry and the Hairy

Besides purchasing rights to Kdramas and co-producing Kdramas, Netflix has also dipped its fingers into another segment of Korean entertainment — variety programmes. Hungry/ Hairy is one of the few K-variety airing on Netflix this year. It’s nothing new — the usual travelogue with food, and stars. We have Rain paired with Noh Hong-chul. While... Continue Reading →

First Impression: Bad and Crazy

I have a theory about the “crazy” part, but more about it later… Main cast: Lee Dong-wook (from Tale of Nine Tails) as Detective Ryu Soo-yeol. He is very much the capable detective, however… he has the tendency to use his intelligence for furthering his career. In other words, he is quite the sycophant.Wi Ha-joon... Continue Reading →

Review: Hellbound

Another short 6eps series produced by Netflix, Hellbound definitely opens with a rather eye-catching “demonstration” of how a supposed condemned will meet his death. And yup, pretty grisly, coming from the same writer/PD who wrote and produced two movies with zombies chasing people up and down train carriages (Train to Busan, Seoul Station). In a... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Jirisan

At the very least, I have a deep respect for park rangers after finishing Jirisan. Not only do they have to ensure the upkeep of a national park, but they also have to save lives, protect the flora and fauna from natural disasters and also handle annoying, rude trekkers (who can’t seem to understand that... Continue Reading →

Final Review: Inspector Koo

I would say this is not your usual police procedurals. For one, the team leading the investigation are not from the police force (though two of them were previously policewomen), and secondly, the entire show from villains to pursuer is dominated by women. Usually Kdrama’s police procedurals tend to be …. testosterone filled. It is... Continue Reading →

First Impression: One Ordinary Day

Just goes to show how one silly mistake can snowball into a disaster. Main cast: Kim Soo-hyun (from It’s ok not to be ok) as college student, Kim Hyun-soo. He is your run of the mill, middle-lower income college kid, until his life turns topsy-turvy in one night.Cha Seung-won (from A Korean Odyssey) as lawyer,... Continue Reading →

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