Voice 3: The Demon Within

I must say, I am getting rather confused with how the overarching plot is developing. While the case-by-episode is still engaging enough, the whole mystery over Kang-woo’s past, his turn for the worse, the relationship between Kang-woo and the mysterious organisation who is hunting him (and Kwon-joo) had me scratching my head.

So it seems that the shadowy organisation is keen on removing wasted couriers (aka Je-soo) by sending in an assassin whose favoured mode de operandi is the garrotte. And said assassin is that lighter flicking guy whom Kwon-joo heard in the station’s corridors a number of times. (and is the police station on electrical conservation? why so dark?!)

But mysterious assassin’s link to Kang-woo (especially his new tattoo) is still a huge question mark. The “evidence” now is also pointing to the young Kang-woo being the real murderer of the little girl, and his dad has shouldered the blame while at the same time recognising his younger son has psychopathic tendencies. True/ false? No idea. Since Kang-woo apparently has no memories of the kill.

And yet, we are getting more and more frequent imagery of Kang-woo in his Jekyll-Hyde personae. From the fragmented mirror in his bathroom, to his auditory hallucinations, his moods changes when he “lets loose” the demon within. No wonder Kwon-joo decides she can’t trust him anymore. Ironically, Team Leader Na is Kang-woo’s greatest supporter now after his near-death experience in Voice 2.

Whatever the case, I fear the ending will not bode well for Kang-woo. If he survives, he will likely also need long term help for his oncoming psychosis. Should there be a continuation of Voice franchise, it is very likely Kwon-joo will soon change another Task Force leader after Kang-woo.

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