And Na PD is back to give us more farming fishing + cooking + eating hijinks from Three, with the second installation of Fishing Village version. (sans Ho-joonie, who was busy with Mrs Cop shoot) But not to fear, the sunbae-nims will get another maknae to bully — Park Hyung-shik (from ZE:A boyband, and i remember him as young Park Sun-woo in Nine: Nine Times Nine Time Travel).

1. Con artist at work

And how does Na PD re-convince top stars like Cha Seung-won and Yoo Hae-jin to sweat + freeze their butts off again in isolated Manjae-do? He promises both that there will be plenty of sun, sand, breeze and…fish.

Cut to reality: pouring rain, lashing winds and… no fish. And a scene where poor Papa Yoo had to be bait for the fish. (??!)

Seriously, why do people even continue to believe in that crook?

2. The trip there, and Manjae-do’s “warm” welcome

Well, the guys’ hope for a better (and fish-ful) trip goes up when they see the whole ferry packed with inland tourists heading to the offshore islands for short holidays — a scene totally unlike their winter sojourn to Manjae-do, where they had the whole ferry to themselves.

And they settle in with renewed vigour after an impromptu fansigning and posing for photos with the fans.

Only to reach Manjae-do with an empty ferry (cos the rest of the tourist will not travel that far) in … POURING RAIN. (shakes fists at Na PD)


3. New additions!

The one new furniture (?) that catches Chajumma + Papa Yoo’s eyes is the hen house. Unlike the human’s house, the hens have upgraded their ground floor studio apartment to a 2-storey duplex, and they (the hens) have leased out the upper studio apartment to a family of quails.    

And of course, quails will give quail eggs, which are important protein addition to an otherwise pathetic diet. Unlike Seo-jinnie + gang’s lush farmstead, Manjae-do seriously has nothing. No fish catch = almost no food. (read on)


5. Old members!

There’s something new — and old — on Manjae-do greeting the cast. San-je and Bee are back! The two brothers-in-arms are now full grown dog/ cat-sized…(with Bee being the larger of the two…) Like any typical dogs, San-je rushes forward to greet Papa Yoo with affectionate licks, kisses, tail wags, full body rubs, head bobs…while Bee watches on, with disdain. (can almost imagine him muttering, “yuks. disgusting hoomans” and “stupid dog”)


While San-je is all pure affection and joy, Bee prefers to retain a cat’s mysterious air and proffers to dole out his affection on his own terms. The crew dubs him “The White Tiger of Manjae-do”. (rofl)


6. The Epic Struggle with the Blue Tent

Sometimes, being overly helpful is not a good thing. The crew provides the cast METRES of blue tentage to shelter the outdoor kitchen from the wind, only to have both Chajumma and Papa Yoo literally lost in a sea of deep, deep blue.


But our competent couple manage to set up the impromptu shelter and Chajumma starts on the first lunch for Three (Fishing). Since there’s nothing much, other than a few pathetic tomatoes from their small vege plot, Chajumma makes do with whipping up sugared tomatoes as appetisers first, while nagging Papa Yoo to start the fire…in the rain + flood.

But hey, Papa Yoo is not called the Fire Master for nothing. Even in the extremely wet condition (water is literally pooling around their ankles), he manages to get a roaring fire going. (thumbs up! i will call him for any bbq session)

So to reward him, Chajumma agrees to his offhand comment to have chives pancake for lunch — since pancakes are good for rainy days. And a crispy pancake is whipped up in no time.

7. Boundaries – and why they matter

After a simple (the first really simple meal on Three (Fishing)), Papa Yoo retires to the bedroom and plays with San-je and Bee (ok, the latter can’t be bothered). He falls asleep listening to the pattering of the raindrops on the roof…while Chajumma starts on dinner. (i noe now why seo-jinnie always ends up having dinners at midnight…cos he rests too much)


Papa Yoo wakes up after an hour of nap, and the tentage decides to make him work for the rest — by toppling down. Chajumma frowns in irritation and roughly uses a rock to any-o-how, sorta hammers the nails back in…

…while Papa Yoo, whose domain lies in the exterior of the house, is not the Stone Age guy. He whips up several tools from the toolshed and saws up a wooden block to hold up the beam, while hammering the nails in with a proper hammer.

8. Dinner

While Papa Yoo sets off to cast his nets for tomorrow’s fish catch, Chajumma continues with dinner. Hee, Chajumma claims to be extremely afraid of birds of any kinds, so he sends a Writer in to collect the quails’ eggs…only to have Writer-nim nearly dying from a heart attack picking the eggs from angry quails.


But Chajumma makes my favourite banchan!! Soy sauced quail eggs! (i want!!!) He also follows with a pot of doenjang gamjang tang (potato stew).


9. Antagonising the candid cam

While the guys prepare and eat dinner, San-je and Bee discover something horrendous in their room — the swivelling cameras installed to capture their real-time play-fights. While San-je barks and yelps at the “intruders”, Bee stalks and sniffs at them with caution.

Finally, the duo decide on a wise course of action — to plonk themselves in front of the cameras and effectively give us close-up shots of…fur.

10. Noticed anything different?

While chatting with Chajumma, Na PD suddenly yelps in surprise, “your moustache is…gone!!” Erm, juz to give u a sense of how “sharp” our Na PD is, pls refer to the earlier pics in this post. Na PD had met with a moustache-less Cha Seung-won prior to filming…and he never even noticed the fur missing from his face… (like HOW?)

11. A tale of two men

Next morning dawns bright and sunny…and hot. And the crew chooses to do something really weird — gape at how Papa Yoo and Chajumma wash their faces and hair. (seriously)

They comment that Papa Yoo is so “manly” vis a vis the way he roughly brushes his teeth and washes his hair. Papa Yoo looks up in embarrassment when he notices a whole bunch of people staring at him cleaning up.


In contrast, Chajumma takes a longer time to wash up, making sure to check the fragrance of the shampoo he is using, and takes some time to “film” a Gillette Shaver CF while at it.

12. New Maknae

While the couple are busy preparing and eating breakfast (and lunch), Hyung-shik is otw to Manjae-do.

Papa Yoo had earlier checked on his nets…to have zero catch. So he can only sulk and pout at the ahjummas who are cleaning their fish for drying. The second fish net does manage to snare a small grouper…which will become sashimi lunch for the couple — and Hyung-shik.


When they learn of the new maknae, Papa Yoo decides to immediately set up gags to tease him. Though Chajumma verbally protests against it, he happily joins in along the fun. First gag will be to label one of the doenjang jars with “Snake (inside)”, and another one with “(fermented) Olive Oil”.

And when Hyung-shik arrives, the hyungs pretend to greet him nonchalantly, and generally ignore the poor guy (who is by now breaking out in cold sweat, and wondering what he did wrong). Chajumma finally breaks the act and chides Papa Yoo for being naughty, while Hyung-shik sighs in obvious relief that he hasn’t offended anyone.

Then later, Papa Yoo introduces him to the “Snake” pot, telling him a tall tale that they caught a poisonous snake this morning, and had nowhere to dump it but inside a doenjang pot. Hyung-shik buys it ALL in, including the ridiculous idea of having to ferment (huh?) olive oil.   
And…the teasing doesn’t stop there; next ep, Papa Yoo will continue to mercilessly trick Hyung-shik, and that little innocent boy laps it all up. (oh man)